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    Our Mission

    Here at JFLY, our goal is to provide you with the most professional fly-fishing experience Northwestern Arkansas can offer. From wading secluded spring creeks near the Fayetteville-Bentonville area, to floating the mighty White River, our guides at JFLY are dedicated to showing the beauty of this state’s water to its fullest capacity. Great conversations, delicious dinners, and tight lines are what our guides at JFLY love to provide!

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    Warm Water

    Many streams near the Fayetteville-Bentonville area are filled with life. Species such as Ozark smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, and various species of carp are available to catch thirty minutes away from your home! Our guides specialize in wading these secluded creeks, sight-fishing for massive warm-water species in tightly crowded nooks and crannies. We also provide float trips on Arkansas’ famous smallmouth rivers such as the Kings River and Crooked Creek! These rafting experiences are like no other, as you wind through shallow water and tall bluff walls to arrive at a perfect spot to get out and wade these amazing streams.

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    Cold Water

    Northern Arkansas is home to some of the best cold-water fly fishing in the country. The White River is filled with massive brown and rainbow trout. Anglers from all over the world come to this river system to take their shot at catching a potential world record trout! The White River is known as the “Trout Capital of the USA”, and it for sure lives up to that reputation! Year-round fishing for trout on this river allows us to attack them from all different angles, subsurface nymphing, dry flies in the summer, and streamers during the long, cold winters. The White is a perfect river to test your skills as an angler and learn new techniques along the way!

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